We believe early childhood education and literacy are enhanced through rich experiences with preschool teachers and caregivers. Learning can be fostered through our programs and services that provide in-service training, strategies for classroom management and lesson planning guidelines. Our model incorporates techniques to engage children and motivate them while helping teachers manage their learning environment for all learners.

Basic Literacy Circle

3.5 credit hours

Enlivening circle time dynamics... putting pizazz in your presentation.

  • Self- Reflection
  • Reading & Response
  • Two Observations
  • Two Observation Checklists
Advanced Literacy Circle

6 credit hours

Enriching literacy with a sense of drama, enjoyment, and purpose.
  • Includes all of Level 1
  • Peer Planning
  • Two Observations
  • Self-Directed Lesson (peer observed)
Thematic Literacy Circle

3.5 credit hours

Using the same format as a basic or advanced literacy circle, with an emphasis on a specific theme.
  • Setting Up an Inviting Environment
  • The Power of Play
  • Math Madness
  • Something New Just For You!
*Suggested donation $6/per credit hour per staff member to offset expenses.